14 Reasons Why Life is Better Sober

Discover 14 reasons why sobriety makes your life healthier, more satisfying and fun! Learn why living a sober life can take years off your appearance & boost self-esteem.

14 Reasons Why Life is Better Sober

A sober life allows you to cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with yourself. You learn new skills, interests and discover how much you can overcome when you set your mind. This is one of the most beautiful gifts a sober life can offer you. But, once you stop drinking or using drugs, your life will change for the better in many ways. Whether you're an addict or just looking to improve your health, here are 14 reasons why sobriety makes your life healthier, more satisfying and fun.

Fatal overdoses caused by drug addiction have lowered the overall life expectancy of Americans.


Even if you never overdose, drug and alcohol addiction can cause serious health problems that reduce both the quality and duration of your life. In addition to living a better and fuller life, sobriety can also extend your years due to increased health and well-being. As addictions get out of control, addicts have less control over their lives. This usually means making bad decisions with serious consequences and engaging in risky activities.

Alcohol addicts, for example, tend to have multiple DUI charges and are more likely to drive drunk. Addictions cause users to continue their downward spiral. It's hard to stop even when faced with negative consequences. When you're sober, you're more likely to make good decisions. It's easier to weigh the pros and cons of certain decisions and make the safety of others a priority.

You will put yourself and others in safer situations, and you will also be in contact with less questionable people. A sober life allows you to recover the positive aspects of your life, access them and experience them wholeheartedly. Without drugs or alcohol, you will begin to understand feelings of appreciation, love, support, joy, connection. You will create moments with your loved ones, remember them and keep them close. You will shape a life that is worth living - a life that is mentally, psychologically and physically positive. When you live a sober life after an addiction, your overall health improves tremendously.

This is because you no longer attack your body by putting dangerous amounts of toxic substances into it. Surprise, surprise - but a more restful sleep leads to more energy. If someone is dependent on alcohol, then he does not sleep what he needs, and therefore puts additional strain on his body and mind every day. Sleep is a period of cleansing. Similar to how a sponge is squeezed out, brain cells wither up to 40% of their usual size to expose and remove debris.

Meanwhile, sleep is also the time when the body heals itself. Being sober means that nothing slows down brain function and that the right amount of dopamine communicates with nerve cells in the brain. The end result is a happier lifestyle overall. As you continue to live a sober life, setting these limits will become more natural and you will reap the benefits on a daily basis. Once you start living a sober life, people will respect you and your ability to overcome life's obstacles. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are ready to live a sober life, contact The Recovery Village. Trust us - if you struggle with substance abuse or addiction, living a sober life will improve your life immensely. Over time, living a sober life can take years off your appearance which can also help boost your self-esteem.

Part of living a sober life is setting healthy boundaries and understanding the negative or positive impact of the people and things you choose to surround yourself with. One of the best things about living a sober life is the ability to make conscious decisions all the time - not just part of the time. Either way, as you continue to live a sober life, you may learn to love yourself (with your faults and all that), respect yourself, and feel safe and good with the new choices you are making. Maybe you're sober and the pink cloud never appeared for you or you're struggling to adapt to a sober lifestyle. Therefore, one of the benefits of living a sober life is that you will no longer spend your money on substances.

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